A group photo of me and the school kids of chalhuanca during my stay in the peruvian village.
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What Does It Mean To Travel?

What does it really mean to travel?

Well, according to the oxford dictionary travel is: to make a journey, typically of some length.
But if you ask me, that definition is very vague.

What does travel really mean? Photo of a women on a train, a world map and an airplane.

Travel means so many different things to so many different people. It does not have to be determined by the length of a trip or the destination.

I do not define travel by words, more so, I define it by feelings and experiences.

Travel is cold showers and bunk beds. It’s overnight buses and missed flights. It’s ticking things off your bucket list. It’s the taste of that delicious street food you ate in Mexico 5 years ago and still dream of today.

It’s getting drunk in different places around the world.
Travel is new friends and one night stands. It’s sitting up all night drinking cheap rum and exchanging stories until the sun comes up.

Travel is pushing yourself so far out of your comfort zone; you start to create a new person.

Travel is slowing down and escaping your worries. It’s the feeling of waking up with no obligations and no stress to be anywhere or do anything. Travel is finding new adventures every day.

“Travel is freedom”

Travel is freedom. It is appreciation and gratitude for the world around us and all the wonderfully unique and diverse people in it.
Travel is places that take your breath away and having a home all over the world. It’s getting lost in the most treasured ways.

Rowing down the mekong river in a traditional canoe in vietnam
Travelling is exploring all the incredible corners of the world

Travel is learning to roll with the punches and having faith that things will work out. Travel is helping strangers and being helped. (check out the strangers abroad podcast for inspiring stories of kindness on the road)

Travel opens you up to possibilities and challenges everything you think you knew about the world. It opens your heart and showers your soul.

“Travel opens you up to possibilities and challenges everything you think you knew about the world”

Travel will make you richer, even if you’re poor. Travelling is opening new doors and then closing them behind you.

Travel is crying uncontrollably because it hurts so much to part with a place or a person that you’ve become so deeply attached to.

Travel is love; True love. It is like a deep love affair that never really ends. It makes all your senses come alive, and suddenly you are alert to all the secret patterns of the world.

Travel is all of these things and more.

It is truly the best education a person can get in this world. Because to understand the world; one must see the world. And to understand people, one must branch out from the circle they know.

A group photo of me and the school kids of chalhuanca during my stay in the peruvian village.
Heartwarming moments like this is what travel is all about

So what does travel mean to me personally?

For me, travel is the truest love of my life. I’ve always been a person that has never known what I want out of life. But travelling gives me a sense of fulfilment. It has permanently influenced my perspective on life, and I will forever be curious about the world.
Travel allowed me to fall in love with my self. For me, it’s all about transformation, freedom and sharing experiences.
I will forever be grateful to travel for showing me what it means to live.

So, I encourage you, my dear friends and readers, to travel.

Make memories and have crazy adventures. Because I guarantee that when you are on your deathbed, you won’t remember that flashy car you bought or the designer clothes you owned. You will think about the people you love. You will remember the time you got lost in your favourite city. The nights you spent falling in love under the stars and waking up to watch the sunrise over the ocean with your new best friends you met 24 hours earlier. The time you got heatstroke because you had been out drinking beer in the sun all day, laughing so much your face hurts.
You will think of the moments that truly made you feel alive.

“To Travel Is To Live”

I’d love to hear what travelling means to you!

Let me know in the comments below!

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