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12 Ideas On How To Satisfy Wanderlust During Isolation-COVID-19

Wondering how to cure your wanderlust while stuck at home in isolation during COVID-19?

Well here’s the deal.

Your not the only one! There are hundreds of thousands of wanderlust sufferer’s out there all going through the same thing right now. You aren’t alone.

And get this.

Lucky for you (and the rest of us wanderlusters), there are plenty of activities you can do from the comfort of your couch to keep that wanderlust at bay.

Wondering how to satisfy your wanderlust during COVID-19 Travel bans? Here is a list of travel-inspired activities that you can do from the comfort of your couch!

Here are my tops tips on how to cure wanderlust without leaving your house during isolation

Update your bucket list

It might be time to pull out the old bucket list and see if you still align with all the things on there.
As we get older, we change and so do our interests, so maybe the things that used to inspire you no longer do. Rewrite your bucket list to align with your current self. If you don’t have a bucket list, why not start one!

Plan your next trip

Just because you can’t travel right now, doesn’t mean you can’t daydream and start planning your next trip.
Read travel blogs, (some of my favourites are Wandering EarlAdventurous Kate, and Lost with Purpose). 
Dive deep down the rabbit hole of Instagram for destination inspiration and create pinboards on Pinterest. 
One of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow is beautiful destinations; its full of dazzling and inspiring photos of breathtaking locations around the globe

There is so much inspiration and information out there to help you plan. Head on over to my get in touch page if you are needing help planning for destinations in Asia and South America.

Save money for your next trip

What better time to save money than now, while you physically can’t go out and spend it.
Check out my post 10 ways to save $20,000 in a year to quit your job and travel the world for my best tips on how to save.
Saving money now will keep you inspired and motivated for when the travel bans are lifted so you can get out there right away!

Explore possible flight routes

Have some fun with flight apps to find inspiration for new destinations, multi-destination flight routes, itinerary suggestions and more.

Skyscanner is usually my go-to. It gives you recommendations and deals on last-minute trips and allows you flexibility in searching the whole month for the cheapest dates.
I love the anywhere function which shows you the cheapest destinations to fly to.

Hopper is another good one, especially if you’re trying to ping the cheapest flight. I like the watch this trip function which gives you push notifications when the price goes down or up. It also recommends the best times to book.

Take an online virtual tour

Where would we be right now without technology? 
There are many ways you can visit museums, gasp at temples or even take an African safari, all from the comfort of your couch. How bloody cool is that right?!

Check out Travel and Leisure’s great list of museums that are offering virtual tours and Google Arts and Culture for their vast collection of virtual history, art and cultural experiences.

Head over to Wild Earth (via twitch tv) if you want to go on a virtual African Safari!

Dinosaur skeleton at the National Museum of History
A great way to cure your wanderlust: a virtual museum tour!

Have International themed nights

Learn to cook new dishes and have theme nights with your family or housemates. 
Some great ideas are Mexican nights, Thai nights, Indian nights, Japanese nights, Peruvian nights and Vietnamese nights.

Pinterest is a great place to find delicious recipes to cook.

Check out the website A Taste of Home for 80 authentic recipes from around the world.

You could play country trivia (type Mexican trivia into google, and you’ll have yourself plenty of options), listen to traditional music and even dress up.

Netflix and YouTube

Netflix and Youtube are great ways to satisfy your wanderlust.

Get cosy on your couch and watch a travel-inspired film like Into the Wild which is about a young American university graduate that gives all his money to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness.

Check out the history documentary Cuba and the Cameraman which follows three struggling Cuban families for 45 years from the optimistic time of the early 1970s through to the 1990s after the fall of the Soviet Union, and then the death of Fidel Castro in 2016.

If you’re into series be sure to watch a few episodes of Dark Tourist and follow New Zealand filmmaker and Journalist David Farrier as he visits some very unusual tourist destinations around the world. He visits a haunted forest in Japan where people go to commit suicide, dines with vampires in New Orleans and attends a voodoo festival in Berlin.

YouTube is another great outlet for travel inspiration. There are some fantastic Travel Vloggers out there. Check out Fun for Louis and Alex Outhwaite’s channels.

Watching a movie on the couch with popcorn
Get cosy on the couch and satisfy that wanderlust with a good travel film

Connect with other travellers

Reconnect with people you’ve met on the road via facetime or Houseparty, or connect with new people through travel communities and social apps like Girls Love TravelSolo TravelCouchsurfing and Travello.

Staying connected during this time is vital to maintain your sanity, so why not connect with people that share your passion for travel. Who knows who you could meet online and what that could lead to!

Learn a new language

Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Or have you chosen the destination for your next trip and would like to learn some basics before you go?

Now is the perfect time to brush up on some new language skills.

Duolingo is a fantastic app for learning a new language and you cant start at different levels and work your way up.

Hello Talk is excellent for connecting with people from other countries and practising your language skills on each other through everyday conversations.

Organise all your travel photos

Are you the type of person that uploads your photos to your computer and never does anything with them?

Then why not use this downtime to sort them into albums. Better yet, you could get creative and make a scrapbook.

Take a trip back to your favourite places by reminiscing through all your travel photos. It will be sure to put a smile on your face and give you those warm travel fuzzies in your stomach.

Start a travel blog

If its something that has crossed your mind before, then now is a great time to start a blog. 
Start sharing your travel tips and stories with the world. You’ll dig up a lot of great memories by doing so.

If you’re wondering how to start a travel blog, head on over to Jessie on a Journey and learn everything you need to know. She provides lots of free resources and runs an excellent, easy to follow, paid course for those of you who want to get serious. I am taking this course myself, and I could not recommend it more.

Read a travel novel

There is nothing better than losing yourself in a good travel novel to satisfy your wanderlust. 
Here are some of my favourites:

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert; a memoir of one women’s irresistible, truthful and passionate pursuit of worldly pleasure, spiritual devotion and going after watch she really wanted in life.

Lion, A Long Way Home; a true story that follows the journey of 5-year-old Indian boy Saroo, who becomes lost on a train in India and winds up in Australia as an Orphan. Saroo returns to India as an adult and uses google earth to find his long lost home town and his family he lost as a child. 

The Alchemist; Tells the story of a young Shepard boy Santiago on his quest across far and rich lands in search of treasure. What Santiago learns on his journey is far more rewarding than any treasure in the world.

Marching Powder; a true story written by Rusty Young, backpacker and writer who bribed his way into San Pedro prison in Bolivia. Rusty shared a cell for three months and formed a friendship with convicted British drug smuggler Thomas McCraken. The book is a fascinating account of the South American drug culture and the corruption that goes on inside San Pedro prison.

If the bookstores aren’t open near you, then you could use an online subscription service like Audible
Or check out the website of your local library and see if they offer a borrowing app. My local library has an app called borrow box, which allows me to borrow e-books and audio-books for free!

Have other suggestions on how to cure wanderlust during isolation?
Share in the comments below!

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Wondering how to satisfy your wanderlust during COVID-19 Travel bans? Here is a list of travel-inspired activities that you can do from the comfort of your couch!

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